Shipping Policy

Dear Loyal Customer, We have spoken to many of you about the increasing costs of shipping.  We don't like these increasing prices any more than you do.  We have tried to work with our shippers to keep rates as low as possible.  We have passed these saving on to you.  Unfortunately in the current environment, it does not seem that these prices will go back down.  Please understand, that we do not control shipping prices. We use actual shipping costs provided by our shippers.  These shipping costs are calculated at the time of purchase, based on your location, and include insurance and delivery confirmation.  We need both of these features in order to ensure you receive your packages. We currently ship most products to all 50 States, as long as it is legal and practical to do so.  Please check all of your local laws before ordering any item.  We do not ship restricted items to places where they are not legal.  There are some items we may not be able to ship to Alaska, or Hawaii.  If you are trying to make an international order, please call the store.  We will attempt to assist you.